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The Election Commission of India has Started online registration of voters. Now one can get voter ID card at home by applying online. For more information see at

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Online Registration : Step by Step Guide (How to get online voter ID card)
1. Click on  “New User Registration” and register with your mobile number (Email ID is optional ).

2. Now go back to front page and click on “Online Application

3. Now choose “Fill Your Application For Inclusion/ Deletion/ Modification And Transposition In E-Roll

4. Now you will land into List of application form from which correct one you have to fill carefully. (Form6, Form6A,Form7,Form8,Form8A)

A. Form-6:
Who can apply ?
I. First time applicant on attaining age of 18years or more on the first day of January of the year with
reference to which the electoral roll is being revised.
II. Person shifting his / her place of ordinary residence outside the constituency in which he / she is already
registered. Form 6 details.

B. Form-6A
Who can apply?
I. Non Residential Indian (NRI)

C. Form-7
Who can apply?
I. Can be filed only by a person whose name is already included in that roll in order to object inclusion of a
name proposed to be included in that part of the electoral roll or for seeking deletion of a name already
included in that part of the electoral roll.
Form 7 Details.

D. Form-8
Who can apply?
I. Can be filed only by a person whose name is already included in the electoral roll seeking
correction to his/her particulars already printed in the electoral roll. One person cannot file application in
Form 8 for correction in the particulars of any other person.
Form 8 Details.

E. Form-8A
Who can apply?
I. A person whose name is already included in the current electoral roll can file the Application for
transposition of an entry in a different place of the same constituency.
Form 8A Details

5. After filling correct application form , you would get a conformation message on your mobile number.
6. Once the application is registered commission representative will visit your home for verification.
7. If satisfied, you would get your new voter identity card in a few days.

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